Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tuesday Night Track Night and the 4th of July Cobra

Last night at the Toronto tuesday night Track Night one of our boys from Japan brought buy his new Cobra. I know this is a little late and we are an all Canadian Crew (well Mosher has dual citizen ship) but here is our little salute to our riders in the USA. This is another Cobra with a little 4th of July USA colors mixed into it. (see I spelled without the "u" for our American buds)

That is what we like to call the fast pocket.
It starts out small but...
It can blow up when you need to take a massive load.
This thing is big I'm 6'2" and it makes be look small.
Check out the new single strap I got on hot off the machines Orange and Grey.
That is sweet YNOT line up.

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  1. When is this getting released for purchase! I'm in the market for a new bag and this look perfect!