Friday, July 23, 2010

Cobra pictures by John Hargraft!

These are long overdue, thanks a ton to John Hargraft for taking these slick shots! And without further delay, finally, some legit pictures of the YNOT Cobra!

Raygo and Suke's Cobras

Envelope slot between back pad and bag for core-to-core deliveries, or whatever you like!

Top flap opened, bag can be used as a normal backpack.

Crammed with a bunch of crap.

View showing how the flaps "hug" any size load, with straps to sinch tight.

Pockets on each flap and each side of the 'bucket'. Large pocket between bucket and bag.

Wide open with a big load. (twss)

Proud owner Suke wearing it with that large load.

The first three "production" YNOT Cobras!

So there you have it, the Cobra! (it got it's name because it sorta looks like one when fully open)

Tell all your friends! If you want one you can email us and we'll figure it out. Right now they are $300, so save your pennies and let us know when you want one!

- Tom


  1. Damn! These are lookin' fresh! Looks like a good bag for carrying records, too. Sometimes backpack type bags aren't wide enough to carry records, but the Cobra looks like it is. Seems like a legit size that could work as a traveling bag, too. Diggin' the colors as well. Overall, it looks like an on-point production!

  2. Glad you like it! It can most definitely carry records and it is also great for traveling.

    Will have to calculate the cubic inches, but keep in mind that it's very flexible.