Friday, October 8, 2010

Vegas Day 2

Sorry for the delay. Here is day two of Vegas.

So this is my new steed. Yes this is the same bike on the cover of the Leader catalogue but I swapped the drops for the Leader straight bars. Dan from Leader hooked me up. Now this beauty is riding around the streets of Toronto getting all the attention. Leader is amazing there bikes and components are second to none.

Dan for Leader and Pedal Consumption with some YNOT Straps
Patrick from PC with a YNOT u-lock rollie

Love the paint job

Maybe the new frame for the Volume 26" time will only tell

Livery Design Gruppe are amazing and their frames are works of art.

My man from LDG loving the Razzle pro straps

LDG custom trick fixed bike
And the show was over as fast as it started.
Next year Anaheim we will be there for sure in full force. See you then.

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  1. Sick, really makes me wish I was there as well!