Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Going to Interbike

I am on my way to INTERBIKE tomorrow. I will be going down to check out all the new gear and hang out with our friends from Bike On Wheels and Modrobes.

Steven from Modrobes is doing some really cool stuff with their clothing line. All their materials are made from recycled pop bottles but they feel and perform better than the non-recycled stuff. Tom and I actually helped design their new ultimate bike jacket for the winter. This thing is going to be amazing. We will have some pics of it when it comes out in the next month or two. We are also going to be working on many more projects with Modrobes so stay tuned. If you are at Interbike come and say hi to Steven and the Modrobes crew at booth #4811. I'll probably be around there as well.

See you in Vagas

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